How To Place A Price On Your Freelance Work

Writing is a business that can usher you into the loads of millions you envisage in your life. A lot of people have the same skills you have, and they’re making more money.. Both good and bad writers have a chance in bidding for the pay they want on any job they get. You must be careful not to lower your standard for a ridiculous pay on any job. This is because you are a professional and must act as one even in remuneration 

Writers worldwide can decide to charge at any rate as they want, but with the value, you carry and worth of the job you want to turn in, get yourself a standard that cannot be defaulted.

Technically, for any client to succumb to your bid or take you as a professional that you are, you must:

  1. You must have a list of your charges, which should be accessible on your website.
  2. You must demand upfront payment before you start the job.
  3. You must be consistent in your payment charges. 

It would be best to note that you are at liberty to charge any amount for any job. You can, by discretion, charge based on anything you consider essential and anytime you want. But be consistent in your charges and make it simple and reasonable

As the competition increases in the writing business, you need to stay ahead of the game. You must consider your clients capable of affording such pay for the job they are giving you. Also, be sure of the time and skills needed for the best of the job at hand. Another thing that can help is checking the payment list of other professional writers and working within that range for your job.

Your clients have a lot to say about the payment you request. This means you must know how your client chooses to calculate your pay by the number of words or per page of writing. If it is by the number of words, your effort must commensurate with the time you spend in the work. That is, either the number of words per hour or per day. 

Finally, you must remember that your talent is peculiar to you, and you cannot satisfy everyone or every client when you write. This brings me to the point of making sure you understand what you are in for. Different clients with different requests and different demands can put you off balance. Make your standards known and still be flexible when necessary.

You alone understand yourself and your speed. Request for more time if you feel you cannot cover up before the deadline. Also, understand the work process before embarking on it. Be sure to have your money bargained before you commence the job. Some clients might request a lower pay sometimes, just be considerate but still upholding your standard. 


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