How To Make Money Writing Online

The future of work is gradually becoming a reality, which is online. Jobs that will generally require being physically present are now being done online, and writing is not an exception. The fear of being scammed by freelance writers online is gradually becoming history as there are now trusted platforms for both the clients and the freelance writers. The freelance writer delivers a client's work and then gets paid for it. If the client is not satisfied with the freelance writer's work, he may get a refund. Freelance writing is not the only way to get a writing job online. Blogging is also a source of funds. The traffic generated by people visiting a blog site determines the amount a blogger is paid. If you are a good writer, it is an easy career to make money off; freelancing or blogging online. 

Guest blogging is another cool way to earn money online. Some blogs accept guest writers and pay them well; if it is suitable and relevant to their blog. To land jobs like this, watch the blog's tone, the pattern of the article they put up, and its format. If it resonates well with your creativity, pitch your ideas, or a sample article to their contact address. If they can, they will hire you. Also, writing an e-book is a sure way to make money online. Although there are many free e-books online, there are also paid e-books in online stores like Amazon. This can also be a long term source of income for you. The book you put in an online store must be fascinating to make a reader want to buy and read them. Else, you may never find a buyer. Also, it must be relatable.

Furthermore, copywriting is a growing area of interest for job hunters. This is the process of writing copies for content. This is a skill that can be learned and mastered with consistent practice. Not only will you earn money copywriting, but you also get to learn how to write public addresses. You can learn copywriting on an internship with or with no pay from the company; in the end, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Then, start applying for copywriting jobs online with proof of what you have done while on training or your most recent work. 

You can also make money writing online by participating in writing contests. There are many companies and organizations that put up competitions and attractive prizes for participating in it. These competitions are training and opportunities to up your writing game. Participating in online writing contests is time-consuming, but the experience gained is priceless. In the case of winning a contest, you win the prize and gain popularity that could be a foundation for your career in writing. People can trust your ability because you won, and much more, you prove yourself worthy of a writer.  

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